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I Wanna Rock!

Its Saturday at the Rock!  Southern Miss!  To The Top!

I made the drive down to Hattiesburg last night.  My night was restless.  Yes, like a kid before Christmas.  Instead of sugar plums (err, iPods) dancing in my head, it was footballs.  My Santa is Fedora.  Here to deliver a new offensive scheme, an aggressive defense, all wrapped in a newly renovated M.M. Roberts Stadium.

Today will be a busy one.  In a bit, I’ll be on my way to Wal-mart to pick up the drinks and snacks.  I’ll ice the drinks down and head on over to campus.  It will take me about an hour to set up the tailgate.  Then, other EaglePosters will begin showing up.

The forecast has us at 96F, with a moderate humidity.  It will be a warm one!  We’ll have plenty of water available and a couple of fans.  So, we should be okay there.

I can hardly wait!

Southern Miss!  To The Top!

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  1. goldeneagle Says:

    Ummm yeaaaaa, how is that going for you lately? How long before you start

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